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Lionhead rabbits for sale in Northeast PA

Showing Your Lionhead

The brief history of attempting to get lionheads accepted as an officially recognized breed by the ARBA.

  • 2000,  Joanne Statler inroduced lionheads to America.
  • 2001,  the North American Lionhead Rabbit Club was established.
  • 2004,  the first formal presentation of them as a breed for acceptance by ARBA was attempted. It failed in all 5 colors.
  • 2005,  tort (black) passed first presentation
  • 2006,  failed
  • 2007,  failed
  • 2008,  Siamese sable passes
  • 2009,  failed. Some of the comments on the report by the Standards Commitee indicated, "poor type - inconsistant; long, undercut, hindquarters pinched" and "no improvement in type from last year".
  • 2010, Theresa Mueller  passed 1st attempt at 1st presentation with her COD colors of black, REW and black tort , on November 10 in Minnesota  

Showing Rabbits - Picking a Breeder and Acquiring a Show bunny

Evaluating Type -  how to judge how well your bunny meets the show standard

Mane Pictorial -  development of lionhead mane and coat

Lionhead Proposed Working Standard -  Theresa Mueller's proposed working show standard for lionheads

What to Expect at a Rabbit Show - how to enter your bunny in a show and what to do when you get there

Top Ten Tips for New Breeders/Exhibitors

Breeding for Herd Improvement

Showing and Ethics - AKC judge's opinion on shows and ethics